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Get Connected.

No matter what the medium, NetGen gets you there.


We install all forms of communication medium included but not limited to: 


Shielded/Un-shielded Twisted Pair Wire

All categories of for use in Ethernet or other applications. (e.g. Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6)


Fiber Optic Cabling

All modes and lengths of 


Coaxial Cabling
for video or data.


Cross connect wiring

for use in DSL, phone, and other technologies.



Point to point and point to multi point, for outdoor and indoor applications.

Any Terrain:


We can perform these installations anywhere and between any points. Whether at the access level to rooms, offices, or cubicles or horizontal and vertical lines between intermediate and main distribution frames through all construction materials including concrete.


We also perform direct burial and underground conduit to run any cabling between buildings, hangers, and other locations. Whether under roadway,  driveway or any other landscape.

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